Black, sinister, tense, passionate. Being born clumsy, a bird falls from the nest. He gets absorbed in a devouring romance, only to discover dark depths of his soul previously unknown. The shadowy menace of the crow, the organic features of the willow tree, and the gloomy rain bringing trouble are the abstract figures constituting this modernist epic story. The film is an enduring experiment with the clash of the verses with images. Rather than to illustrate the complex metaphors, the images develop a proper universe, that never ceases to create bridges with the text. In this poecinema written and spoken poems intertwine with aristocratic images and eerie soundscapes.
Van Vogel, Wilg en Regen (About Bird, Willow and Rain) is based on the eponymous poetry book by Geert Ooms, published in 2009 by De Geus, the Netherlands.
directors: Jan Peeters & Geert Ooms
writer/poet & producer: Geert Ooms
year of production: 2008/2010
country of production: Belgium
camera & editing: Jan Peeters
sound: Yannick Franck
cast: Jorid Van Laer
voice: Geert Ooms or Volkmar Mühleis (German version)
language: Dutch / German (von vogel, weide, regen, transl. by Volkmar Mühleis)
format: DV PAL
aspect ratio: 4:3
colour: black&white and colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 13 min 50 s
screening history (three different variations):
→ de Nachten, November 7th 2008, deSingel (Blauwe Zaal), Antwerp.
→ gallery REÍS, January 29th 2009, Antwerp.
→ Feest van de filosofie. Denken Bevrijd(t) - "Dichterlijke vrijheid", April 17th 2010, STUK, Leuven.
→ Kunstenfestival Watou 2010 - "Tussen Taal en Beeld / Verzamelde Verhalen #02", July 3rd –September 5th 2010, Grensland, Watou.
→ "Blue in the Face", a BL!NDMAN-production, during Nuit Blanche 2010, October 2nd 2010, Kaaistudio's in Brussels.
→ "Nachtscènes. Een romantische concertnacht", March 12th 2011, Concertgebouw Brugge.
→ "Blue in the Face", a BL!NDMAN-production, April 28th 2012, Stadsschouwburg Sint-Niklaas.

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