While a university librarian struggles with words at lonely heights, an old pigeon fancier awaits the homecoming of his pigeons ...
This split-screen poetry film is based upon the like-named poem by German author Ulrike Almut Sandig from her poetry booklet Streumen: Gedichte (2007, Connewitzer Verlagsbuchhandlung, Leipzig).
The conception of [meine heimat] is discussed in the chapter with reading film experiments in my doctoral thesis Leesfilm. Oefeningen in intermedialiteit, pp. 234-261.
director: Jan Peeters
writer/poet: Ulrike Almut Sandig
country of production: Belgium, filmed on location in Ghent, Belgium, a.o. in the Boekentoren ('Book Tower'), the main library of Ghent University, and in Quiévrain, Belgium 
language: German ( [meine heimat] ) / English ( [my heimat] transl. by Bradley Schmidt)
cast: Rik Van Herreweghen, Gaston Deceukelier
camera: Yves Sondermeier, Jan Peeters
aerial pictures: Luk Michels, pilot: Bart De Krock
sound: Yannick Franck (excerpt from Vaiheessa)
editing: Jan Peeters
format: HDV (digitized super 8)
aspect ratio: 16:9
colour: colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 8 min 51 s
→ ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, 20 October 2012, in Babylon Cinema, Berlin, Germany (PREMIERE).
→ IV Festival Internacional de Videopoesí­a "por la Tierra" / IV International Festival of Videopoetry "for the Earth", 27 November - 2 December 2012, by VideoBardo, Archivo e Festival de VideoPoesía, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
→ Københavns Internationale Poesifestival, 23-25 May 2013, LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen, Denmark.
→ published online by 'Moving Poems. The best poetry videos on the web', 3 September 2013.
→ Moving Silence Greece, with live music by Odysseas Gkallios & Olga Papakonstantinou, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 21-22 March 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece.
→ "stad: een inventaris", an exhibition assembled by Sofie Verraest from Mont Saint Eugene, 5 May - 30 June 2014, KC De Werf, Bruges, Belgium.
→ "Wat een kutavond met tekst en muziek", 6 September 2014, De kleine kunst, Ghent, Belgium.
→ West Wednesdays, projection by Kulter in the M4gastatelier in the building complex Tetterode, 8 March 2017, Amsterdam-West, the Netherlands.
→ Explositie XVII, around the "Longest Night" 3, by Jaap Pieters and Stichting Raspoetin, 20-23 December 2017, ANNA, Amstelveen, the Netherlands.
Boekentoren Shorts - Part I, a programme of Film-Plateau, compiled by Prof. dr. Steven Jacobs, who also gave an introduction, 25 April 2023, KASKcinema, Ghent, Belgium.

Filming (Jan Peeters) and sound recording (Yannick Franck, outside the frame) the release of homingpigeons in Quiévrain at dawn.

Filming on the 19th floor of the Boekentoren ('Book Tower') in Ghent (Jan Peeters, Yves Sondermeier behind the camera, Rik Van Herreweghen as the librarian). All images were shot with a Beaulieu 4008 ZM II super 8 camera on Kodak Vision 3 Colour Negative.

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