A stressed-out person easily falls into the trap of a clever advice provider. Yet how useful is the so-called sound advice, wrapped in rhymed tips and keywords? And how effective is a four-line road map when your head is in a state of alarm? A revealing and shocking investigation.

directors: Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters
with Mieke Verdin and the voices of Simon Shrimpton-Smith (EN), Tom Van Bauwel (NL) and Yannick Franck (FR)
poem: Paul Bogaert
translation into French: Daniel Cunin
camera and editing: Jan Peeters
final edit: Jeroen Mestdag
year of production: 2023
country of production: Belgium
language of dialogues and subtitles: English, Dutch, French
with the support from: LUCA School of ArtsFlanders Literature
format: 5K / UHD
aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.77:1)
colour: colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 4 min 44 s (titles included)
SONNET is available in three language variants, English, Dutch and French, with or without extra translating subtitles:
- en || en + nl SUBS || en + fr SUBS
- nl || nl + en SUBS || nl + fr SUBS
- fr || fr + en SUBS || fr + nl SUBS

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, organized by Haus für Poesie, 12-15 October 2023, Haus für Poesie & im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany. (INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE)
SONNET is shown in the ZEBRA-PRISMA programme Urbanities – CITY & SOCIETY, Saturday 14 October 2023.
From the programme: [EN] The strangest consultation: a sonnet. Dialogue between a pixelated person and a confused client. Advice that seems meaningless at first: “So anticipate. Even if there’s nothing to see.” Plunging in an underwater world. Jan Peeters and Paul Bogaert have once again produced a movie that subverts all viewing habits. // [DE] Das seltsamste Beratungsgespräch: ein Sonett. Dialog einer verpixelten Person mit einem verwirrten Klienten. Ratschläge, die auf den ersten Blick ins Leere laufen: „Sei also bereit. Auch wenn es nichts zu sehen gibt.“ Abtauchen in eine Unterwasserwelt. Das Duo Jan Peeters und Paul Bogaert hat mal wieder einen Film produziert, der alle Sehgewohnheiten unterläuft. „Wie ihn finden, den Hokus-Pokus-Focus?“
Nederlands Poëziefilm Festival, 3-4-5 November 2023, Luxor Theater, Zutphen, the Netherlands. (IN COMPETITION - PREMIERE DUTCH LANGUAGE VARIANT) Projected at the festive opening and in the block Competition Films I.
House of Poetry ~ Poëziefilmfestival on Tour, 14 december 2023, TenClub, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Nijmeegse Gedichtennacht, 26 January 2024, organized by Wintertuin, Festivalhuis, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
28 January 2024, Filmhuis Breda, the Netherlands.
30 January 2024, Lumière, Maastricht, the Netherlands.
18 February 2024, Filmhuis Doesburg, the Netherlands.
VIDEOFORMES 2024, 39th International Festival of Hybrid and Digital Arts, 16 March - 2 April 2024, Clermont-Ferrand, France. (INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION)
22 March 2024, Mimik, Deventer, the Netherlands.
Bizarrya Short Film Festival, 12 April 2024, Gato Vadio, Porto, Portugal.
International Poetry Film Festival, 26-27 April 2024, at Beyond Baroque, Venice, Los Angeles, USA.

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