Philip Van Isacker's works in public space
a documentary by Dany Deprez & Jan Peeters
Sculture nel tempo is a road movie that travels through time to explore the sculptures of Philip Van Isacker in public space. We experience stone, steel, copper and bronze as they are subjected to the elements and the changing seasons. The art documentary halts at works in situ and from his studio, Van Isacker reflects on the place of sculpture, the transience of art, and the role of doubt and unpredictability in our lives and society.
a documentary by Dany Deprez & Jan Peeters
photography: Bob Mees
additional camera: Christopher Allegrezza, Alexander Deprez, Jan Peeters, Yorick Van Schandevijl
original score: Frans Van Isacker
soundscapes and sound mix: Jürgen De Blonde
title design: Peter Van de Cotte
editing: Jeroen Mestdag
colour grading: Thomas De Brabanter
producer: Eva Dinneweth
account manager: Katy De Puydt
translation and subtitling: Option Media
with the support of LUCA School of Arts - Research Unit Image, Art Cinema OFFoff, Stad Gent
produced by looking @ the crossroads
year of production: 2020
country of production: Belgium
runtime: 55 min (end titles included)
sound: stereo
colour: colour
aspect ratio: 16:9
language: Dutch
subtitles: Dutch, English, French

→ Sphinx Cinema, 17 December 2019, Ghent, Belgium. (premiere)

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