On November 21st, 2011 OFFoff screened four shorts by the Belgian filmmaker Olivier Smolders. The screening
was followed by an interview with the director. Among other things, Smolders examines the origins of his films, the underlying concepts, the reception of his works, and his approach to and struggle with the medium. This montage shows a thorough edit of the interview, illustrated with fragments from the four films that were presented.
film fragments / program in OFFoff on November 21st, 2011:
• Olivier Smolders, Voyage autour de ma chambre, film immobile, B/F, 2008, colour, 26' [aka Journey Around My Room]
• Olivier Smolders, Petite Anatomie de l'Image, film à l'eau de rose, B/I, 2009, colour, 21' [aka Picture's Concise Anatomy]
• Olivier Smolders, Mort à Vignole, film solitaire, B, 1998, B&W and colour, 25' [aka Death at Vignole]
• Olivier Smolders & Thierry Knauff, Seuls, B, 1989, B&W, 12'
year of production: 2011/2012
country of production: Belgium
interview: Jan Peeters
camera: Karen Dick
editing: Jan Peeters and Dany Deprez
runtime: 26 min 13 s
translations: Jan Peeters (Dutch) / Lisa Bultheel (English)

In 2017 the transcript of the interview was published by the online cinephile magazine Sabzian in French and Dutch: Jan Peeters, Une discussion avec Olivier Smolders / Een gesprek met Olivier Smolders, in: Sabzian, 22.11.2017, transcript by Margaux Dauby, translation by Sis Matthé.

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