‘Anxiety & Misconduct’. A contemporary in-depth study of disaster movie characteristics in 19th century marine painting. Lecture by dr. Volkmar Mühleis, coping with issues, running out of time.
directors: Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters
poetPaul Bogaert
poem: 'Wat krijgen we te zien?' ('What are we looking at?') (2018, not published yet).
camera and editing: Jan Peeters
guest: Volkmar Mühleis
year of production: 2018
country of production: Belgium
original title: RAMPENFILM
original language: Dutch
language translated version: English
format: Full HD video
aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.77:1)
colour: colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 4 min 59 s (end titles included)
→ Afland, group exhibition with screening of the original Dutch version RAMPENFILM, 13-30 July 2018, Library Kris Lambert, Ostend, Belgium.
→ ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin (competition), 27-30 September 2018, Schloßtheater Münster, Germany.
→ ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin, organized by Haus für Poesie, 6-8 December 2018, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany.
→ MIX 2019 Experiential Storytelling, screening of Disaster Movie (Bogaert & Peeters, 2018) during the keynote lecture 'Mixed Realities: Narrative Structures of Poetry Films' by Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel, organized by Liberated Words, 2 July 2019, Bath Spa University, UK.
→ Poetry films vs. Corona, online publication by ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival via Twitter and Facebook, 28 March 2020.
Videopoetry? Poesiefilm? Cinépoème? Four intermedial works in word & image, lecture with film screenings by Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters, 23 November 2021, Akademie für Lyrikkritik, Haus für Poesie, Berlin, Germany.​​​​​​​

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