A sea expert interprets the sea and convinces the audience. But the sea doesn’t agree.
directors: Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters
text byPaul Bogaert
poem: ‘What does the sea say?’, unpublished yet.
image by: Jan Peeters
editing: Jan Peeters & Paul Bogaert
sound: sound samples from freesound.org
country of production: Belgium
format: Full HD video
aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.77:1)
colour: colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 6 min 0 s (end titles included)
→ Committed to the Sea, group exhibition with screening of the original Dutch version Wat zegt de zee?, 5-27 August 2016, Library Kris Lambert, Ostend, Belgium.
→ IndieCork Film Festival, 4th Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition (official selection), 9-16 October 2016, Cork, Ireland.
→ Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016, Dies ist, was wir teilen, Flandern & die Niederlande Ehrengast 2016, exhibition in guest pavillion, 19-23 October 2016, Frankfurt, Germany.
→ ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin, “Fokus Flandern und die Niederlande”, 27-30 October 2016, Schloßtheater Münster, Germany.
→ 5th International Video Poetry Festival, by +the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network, 10 December 2016, at Θέατρο Εμπρός, Athens, Greece.
→ Terras, tijdschrift voor internationale literatuur en kunst, online publication of the original Dutch version Wat zegt de zee?, 16 December 2016.
→ West Wednesdays, guerilla video projections in the public space organized by the Cliques et Claques intervention team and Kulter, 8 March 2017, Amsterdam-West, the Netherlands.
ZEBRA Poetry Film Club special on The Short Film Day, 21 December 2019, Haus für Poesie, Berlin, Germany. haus-fuer-poesie.org/en/literaturwerkstatt-berlin/events/current-events/zebra-poesiefilmclub-was-waere-wenn
IN / BETWEEN PLACES, curated by Alexander Schellow (ERG) and Alexander Streitberger (UCLouvain), 12-19 March 2020, Galerie Erg, L’Ecole de Recherche Graphique (l’ERG), Brussels, Belgium. [The exhibition was cut short immediately after the opening, due to the coronavirus lockdown.]
Place Magazine, Hors-serie / Special Issue 6, March 2020, online publication.

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