An evening with the Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia on 12 October 2022, from 5:30 p.m. at Cinema Galeries, Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels. After the screening and discussion with film makers there will be a reception.
Please register by 5 October 2022.

Poetry film has established itself internationally as a new genre of short film in recent decades. With their experimental, poetic and surprising combinations of words, sounds and images, these shorts break down
conventional narratives and capture the audience's attention in new ways.

At this film evening, filmmakers from Belgium and Germany will meet, present their films and talk about the special features of the genre. The filmmakers from Germany come from Weimar, where the "International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia" takes place. The festival is dedicated exclusively to poetry film and video poetry.

Welcome by Christine Holeschovsky, representative for Freistaat Thüringen at the EU
Introduction by Michaël Vandebril
Film programme and invited filmmakers:
Rika Tarigan
Bagatelle Teil 1 / Bagatelle Part 1
Germany 2022, 3'07"
Moya De Feyter / Jeyda Yagiz
Home / Thuis
Belgium 2022, 12'08"
Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters
Get a life
Belgium 2021, 4'56"
Ana Maria Vallejo u.a.
El canto de las moscas / The Song of the Flies
Germany/Colombia 2021, 15'
Catalina Giraldo
Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild / The Picture in the Picture in the Picture in the Picture
Germany 2014, 4'24"

Moderator Michaël Vandebril © Dany Deprez

Ana Maria Vallejo, Jan Peeters and Paul Bogaert © Dany Deprez

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