While a university librarian struggles with words at lonely heights,
an old pigeon fancier awaits the homecoming of his pigeons ...
This split-screen poetry film is based upon the like-named poem by German author Ulrike Almut Sandig from her poetry booklet Streumen: Gedichte (2007, Connewitzer Verlagsbuchhandlung, Leipzig).

director: Jan Peeters
writer/poet: Ulrike Almut Sandig
country of production: Belgium, filmed on location in Ghent, Belgium, a.o. in the Boekentoren ('Book Tower'), the main library of Ghent University
language: German / English ([my heimat] transl. by Bradley Schmidt)
cast: Rik Van Herreweghen, Gaston Deceukelier
camera: Yves Sondermeier, Jan Peeters
aerial pictures: Luk Michels       pilot: Bart De Krock
sound: Yannick Franck (excerpt from Vaiheessa)
editing: Jan Peeters
format: HDV PAL (digitized super 8)
aspect ratio: 16:9
colour: colour
sound: stereo
runtime: 8 min 51 s
ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, 20 October 2012, in Babylon Cinema, Berlin, Germany (PREMIERE).
→ IV Festival Internacional de Videopoesí­a "por la Tierra" / IV International Festival of Videopoetry "for the Earth", 27 November - 2 December 2012, by VideoBardo, Archivo e Festival de VideoPoesía, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Københavns Internationale Poesifestival, 23-25 May 2013, LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen, Denmark.
→ published online by 'Moving Poems. The best poetry videos on the web', 3 September 2013.
Moving Silence Greece, with live music by Odysseas Gkallios & Olga Papakonstantinou, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 21-22 March 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece.
→ "stad: een inventaris", an exhibition assembled by Sofie Verraest from Mont Saint Eugene, 5 May - 30 June 2014, KC De Werf, Bruges, Belgium.
→ "Wat een kutavond met tekst en muziek", 6 September 2014, De kleine kunst, Ghent, Belgium.
→ West Wednesdays, projection by Kulter in the M4gastatelier in the building complex Tetterode, 8 March 2017, Amsterdam-West, the Netherlands.
→ Explositie XVII, around the "Longest Night" 3, by Jaap Pieters and Stichting Raspoetin, 20-23 December 2017, ANNA, Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

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